Team “Will Finally Release MX-10” In 2015

Someone else releasing Christmas cheer and  news of something new coming along into 2015 is Team from Frankfurt in Germany. This story has been going around and around Asia for almost  a year now and seems the wait will be over for this re-badged Bond Telecom made radio. The story was very long that was leaked around the various companies but guess now all the Delta, Luiton, PNI, Nanfone and other radios have been released (with no serial numbers on them so early samples or prototypes) it is time that a real one and an EU seller get there hands on it.

Some of the ones without serial numbers had some issues. RESET them and channels vanished, ASQ stopped working, channel change stopped working. I know of one sold in Manchester in export mode and when was reset all was lost except EU channels. SO FINALLY A REAL ONE WILL COME TO MARKET….


But what do we know?

PC Programmable and Export Mode (with the other versions software was hard to get, hard to use trust me)

10w Power via the software

ASQ Auto Squelch

Multi EU Norms.

Not yet known are the costs and the time frame for delivery. Check


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  1. I have the luiton version and its a great set fm am multi a great set but could be better with ssb if it had I would be using it now and mine goes back and forwards and resets every time but no ssb


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