Team Mobile MiniCom “Configuration Jumpers”

With the Team radio winging its way across the EU with DHL I have been able to check out the photo of the radio from (c) Markus Neuner at and have come up with what can be the export ways to expand the radio. As we know there are 3 export modes at the moment or configurations different to those it is sold under. Those ending in ZERO (0) and those ending in FIVE (5) and lastly the radio can be locked for 10 metre band, so from 28000-29600 working with AM/FM. So after checking the board and also checking the parameters of the radio it is in the photo below where to look at for the config jumpers. It is also possible to lock it single band EU or EC within a similar area of the board for those that want to look:


It is located on the programming side of the CPU, it in ways copies the same idea as the Apollo1 and also has a similar idea to that of the 5555N so with all these things added together this is where the export mode is.

ALSO note front of board the blank J3 where in some radio programming is available. Maybe comes in 2015 with some different ideas or programming too?

High Power Mode signified with the (H) on the screen is easily achieved also, in the photo it shows how. Also to change the RJ45 to 6 pin socket the pin outs are also easy for those wishing to make a mike adapter for the radio.

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