The Legend’s Comes to Germany


The times they are indeed a changing in the world of CB Radio. Again something for the new Christmas season is that the “Uniden”esque made radios called the M-Tech Legend have landed in EU firmly now and not via a grey order from Singapore or other places in the far east.

Congratulations to Funktechnik Bielefeld for becoming importer for Germany and the Benelux. Kudos to them…

There will be the usual 3 in the series available at the end of January 2015


The Legend 1 74.95 euro:


The Legend II at 99.95 euro:

And Finally:


The Legend III 129.00 euro:

So looking like the Teddy, the Harry II and the Thomas but without the things that President unique. What is happening? Is there now a new world order as the amount of radios that are coming to market now is quite staggering. BUT, is it what the people want? Or the types that people want? That is another matter.

And the instruction Manuals:

Legend 1

Legend II

Legend III


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He tries to see my bankrupted with all this new stuff??

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2 thoughts on “The Legend’s Comes to Germany

  1. These radios looks like V/UHF radios. A lot of europeans cbers want SSB for CB-DX 27 MHz and FM for CB-Local V/UHF 😉 #CEPT #ETSI #ECBF
    Local CB27 is too much noisy, especially in urban environments.
    The “chinese invasion” makes more and more people using illegal PMR446 (and other frequencies) with 4 or 5 watts and exterior antennas.
    It’s time to change! For a legal CB on V/UHF!


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