New On The Blog 2015

People have asked so if it is possible we will feature into 2015 scanners. Sure we have all listened to the Police back in the day and other services and so now in 2015 if and when something comes along we will have a look at scanners from Albrecht, Uniden, Alinco & others.


Not been a scannerman for years now, most recent was via some amateur radio hand helds that have large coverage but now PC compatible, 25-1300MHz coverage and more. So as many are interested in this and there is budget to expensive when something comes along then why take a look at it.



The pictures here are 65 euro, 145 euro and 260 euro so just in these small pictures are something for all, whether simply listen to the planes or something more elaborate like CB, Amateur Radio and others.

2015 We will take a look.

Photos: (c) Mr Markus Neuner

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