Stabo XM4060e “Undressed”


As we all know Stabo released to the world recently the XM4060e which being Uniden made caused a little bit of excitement in the world of the radio connoisseur and whether it was a simple copy and paste from another radio in the President line. Thanks to Markus and his excellent camera we can all now take a look inside the radio and see what is going on inside.


And indeed there are changes and differences within the radio. Note the resistors on the front of the board, white wire is differently placed and the jumper although the same idea is also different in the way and place it is located. Can be size issues and can be something new and improved under the hood (maybe) New Year I will have a look at one and let you know how it works after the Christmas season, and Markus has returned from his very well deserved holidays. But you can see it is well situated, tidy on the inside.

  • Band EU = 40 FM (4 Watt), 40 AM (4 Watt)
  • Band D = 80 FM (4 Watt), 40 AM (4 Watt)
  • Band EC = 40 FM (4 Watt) CEPT (NO AM)
  • Band U = 40 AM/FM (4 Watt) plus 40 UK-Channel (FM, 4 Watt)
  • Band PL = 40 FM (-5KHz, 4 Watt), 40 AM (-5KHz, 4 Watt)
  • Band IN = 27 FM (4 Watt), 27 AM (4 Watt)

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