White Christmas, Silver President?

I thought I was hallucinating when opened my email this morning. Overnight arrived a photo of a silver President. It has been so many years nothing that I think someone plays with some software but I will post it here ad hoc as a looks nice photo:


But imagine it? Those who don’t like black radios have a choice with Silver again? Old school style and guess that is why the name “Classic” so could be used in the future. Personal point of view? I started my CB Days on a silver President and own some of there silver fronted radios and they look real nice. Something different.

Don’t wait as cannot confirm it is more than a photo or a nice Christmas Fairy tale


(Photo is Photo Shop Made)

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10 thoughts on “White Christmas, Silver President?

  1. I think the Silver Presidents look great, the only problem is I have found the finish to be less durable than the Black. The Grant Classic I have here looks terrible now it has a couple of scratches on the outer of the front panel.


  2. Great Photoshop work, it is based on the official UNIDEN PC68XL photograph, but very well revised. Maybe an inspiration for some French people out there 😉 as I like the WALKER much and would love the classic style on it.


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