Happy New Year 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all readers, contributors, writers of comments and most of all EVERYBODY who has played a part in making the blog a success. 2014 provided 460,000 views of the blog from all continents of the world. Some countries I would have never expected either, so for all of these thank you…


Now the fun pieces. There will be a “NEW BLOG” and a new .com to celebrate an old favourite in the CB Area now sadly not manufactured. News about that later when more time.

As we have seen in December there looks to be some real good stuff coming in the next 12 months. Let us hope that the usual people at President, CRT, Team, Qixiang and other makers get some great stuff out there for the markets where there stuff is appreciated.

Dave & StevenĀ from the UK asked me to name what I have in the shack at the moment, so why not.. End of year here goes

Team Mobile Mini Com & President Grant II & Team Ham MobileCom 1011 (Using a Modified AT6666 Mike) & Sadelta of various creeds

KL203P Amplifier and a President Himalaya Antenna on a 4ft mast against a fence post.

Mobile: President Lincoln II v3, CRT Superstar 6900N, Sadelta Mike (Uniden loves Sadelta) Many EU countries agree and can hear them on the air. And in the antenna department the ones that sit ALWAYS in the car are these: Sirio 5000 Performer, Centre Loaded Sirio 5000, President Colorado 1800 Power and Texas 1800 Power

See you in the next days and HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY

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