What’s Next For CRE? Hm or Alinco?

It is the end of the year so it’s possibly the last article about a radio that needs changes (if it does) and what changes are needed (if they are) and what can be the advanced if there was a chance or indeed the inspiration from Univercom and Alinco who sold the radio


So I think we all agree the basis of the radio is a good one in many ways. Pre V3.0 well it is like all Qixiang it is “special” shall we say, but in V3.1 most of the errors are sort of killed off. So what could you change on what is quite a good board on the whole.

SSB Power raise it to 35-40w (firmware lock it so the screwdriver geniuses from google cannot change it) Add a little larger heat sink

FM Power keep at the same level and also AM Power leave it as is.

Controversially: I would use a Uniden DMC520 mike as standard on it, drives the radio well almost sadelta like and not too much bass and treble. The supplied mike is cheap, lacks anything special so you almost sure need a new mike to get good reports.

Controversial II: Change from 60 to 80 channels per band if cheap to do, if not release it as a multi EU radio for CB and hide the goodies with solder jumpers and wires and links to be opened and closed.

Firmware: Change it, top to bottom, left to right, A-Z it needs to be advanced as now it is old. No revisions of the radio, not anymore V3, V2, V4, V6 as it is a crazy idea as everyone will wait. Make it, call it 8900 mk2 and not tell anyone what changes, but make the changes under the hood and job done. Reduce it to 2 colours for the screen, backlight the buttons etc and leave as is.

Some radios had a weird quirk that when you press 10KHz it jumped 20KHz. So, channel 18 press 10KHz and 19A appeared on screen.

VFO: Yes sir. Like the Lincoln II and the Stryker or indeed the Optima from the Yeti’s I would add this

PC Programming: Needs simple tweaks top to bottom to make it better, add the menu from AT6666 so can adjust the s meter when needed

Service Mode: Too many emails from people who messed up stuff, deleted stuff, generally thought and used google for modification ideas. Hide It from key press and add it like in a “expert mode” Where hardware is needed also, maybe via the USB or via the mike socket and not release it.

Colour: Photo shop was fun with silver so why not try it in silver. Strykker looked blingy

Split: Yes I would add this if sold as a 10m radio, and hidden in the menu if was multi EU radio

S-Meter: Take away the digital and add a digital analogue with an s meter socket on the back.

Need the software still for your 8900? http://www.cre8900.com/index.php

Article just for curiosity and if you want to add stuff to it, go for it….

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One thought on “What’s Next For CRE? Hm or Alinco?

  1. fter owning one for a while here is a list of thing I would change.
    1.When programmed for UK40 frequencies the frequency always shows as ending 20 rather than 25, even when programmed as 25.
    2.The LCD frequency display is brighter at one end than the other, some colours are hard to see in bright light.
    3.SSB RX is rather narrow in bandwidth, which means RX audio quality isn’t very special and Clarifier needs to be spot on.
    4.Fit a dual clarifier, one fine that only adjusts RX and a coarse which does both. Changing clarifier function in the menu is a PITA
    5.Supply a better quality microphone.
    6. Improve reliability. I sent my one back after 3 weeks because the display backlight failed.
    7. Fit a better channel change switch. The one fitted feels cheap and isn’t very positive. The Grant 2 channel changer is much better.
    That might sound like a lot, but it was still a very good radio overall and excellent VFM


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