Pofung BF 9500

A little late here and costing some $150 including shipping ( Roughly 124 euro or £96) from the far east (excludes import duties and taxes EU) comes the Pofung 9500 which offers 400-470MHz coverage with 50/25 and 10w power with 199 memory channels and more importantly for the PMR men and ladies has the 6.25KHz step.


Some readers of the blog from the UK have informed me that there has been some confiscations and indeed other related matters with running amateur radio on 446MHz so of course we do not, and would never recommend it as it is not big and not clever. Same as running 5w and other radios on 446MHz the same.

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2 thoughts on “Pofung BF 9500

  1. I’m not sure what market these 70cm radios are aimed at, but in the UK, it would be a very lonely life without 2m. Dual banders are popular, because you get to use the busier 2m and you can swap to 70cm if you’re not a local net or want something a bit quieter.

    The Leixen VV-898 I got for £75 new delivered with software and cable. Moonraker are even selling it for £80 if you don’t fancy ebay and the Chinese sellers. However, I think they’re plus delivery and the cable is extra.


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