Throw Back Sadelta Sunday MM90

Everybody does throwback Thursday so why not have Throwback Sunday? There has been a few messages from people who wanted recently mike wiring for Sadelta so why not mention them another time. Used by people in all areas of the EU. Poland was a country keen on them before they ended and were replaced by DM452 mikes and there different named same inside variants:



The above mike(Sadelta MM-90) was way before we went cordless with the Liberty mike and it still has a place now if was made because as most people state the Liberty is lacking punch on the audio as it has strong noise cancelling to work with the environment it is designed for. Still today if you can find it the audio kicks ass on SSB as the electret works well but remember when mobile it does get some noise as not noise cancelling.


Above is the President MM-110 hand free kit (I got mine in Barcelona) and that works real well with the Jackson II and the Lincoln II. It is a little toppy treble wise on the Grant II but thought I would add this here as the “Throwback Sunday” mike is the Sadelta,  but the same almost can still be got today via President.

They seem to be freely available in Spain or maybe it is NOS (New Old Stock) I am not sure. Mine was bought at the start of 2014 and the same places have them for sale today so guess must have some? 6 pin, power from the radio and PTT Switch on top of the box and channel change buttons on the front (does not work on some radios)

One UK Dealer wrote:

I doubt there is another one of these available new anywhere in the country, and i’ve never seen one on the second hand market – extremely rare item now.

That was a look at throwback Sunday. The Sadelta Hand Free Mike MM90

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