Chieftek Rescue 27 *Updated* Lafayette, Stabo, President

I was asked by an owner of a Lafayette radio called the URANO if I knew or could publish anymore details about the radio. So for his benefit and for others who asked about this radio which has been the base of the Stabo and also President below is all that can find out about it:


*Frequency range: 26~29.7 MHz (expandable)

*40 Channels(could be expanded to 200 channels)

*IP-65 water proof function

*ETSI Approval

*6 squelch level

*PC Programmable with RS232C

*Modulation : AM/FM 

That is what I know, but do not have the software for the radio. Below is the export mod, and as it says if use it in export and with the battery eliminator the radio can make 8w FM but I have not checked its validity. And when in export mode the UK NORMS are not available, it is simply A, B, C low Mid and Hi Bands.. So export mode you “loose the muppets”

Export Mode

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2 thoughts on “Chieftek Rescue 27 *Updated* Lafayette, Stabo, President

  1. I really can’t see the point in this. CB handhelds have zero range unless you want to use one of those old style telescopic aerials on them.

    With a battery eliminator, you’re then looking at using it in a car. But handies cost £100+ and you can get AM/FM cheapy mobile radios for half that and stick them in the car.

    I have Boafengs and an Intek KT-980HP (the latter does 8w on battery). I can buy a Boafeng* for £20 and use it in the car, much cheaper than buying a dual bander (£150+) and then take it with me. Where’s the saving, what is the advantage to having a handy that then becomes tied to a power supply.

    * The UV-B5 is a decent bit of kit.


    • There are many of these radios sold in India and Pakistan where they are used widely in the 4×4 off road and adventure world. The people who emailed me asked for more information, they use this when in convoy while in mountains and doing 4×4. Can these people buy Baofeng, Pofung or Intek am not sure. But they asked for the info and it is here. The blog is for all markets, all areas and many views often in excess of 5k per month are from India and Pakistan. Team Geomax services many market areas and that is why it is here. But yes if there was all the radios in these markets that we have in EU then sure it is likely the sales of these hand helds would be really small.


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