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Like with all blogs it is possible to see where the blog is referred. Meaning you can see who brought traffic your way, who has posted links, copied your words and or in general posted something you wrote or a link and so you can reverse look at this and see what happens. Planet Ham Radio Malaysia is one of these who added a link to this page and there has been some excellent discussions there about the tie up with Alinco & Qixiang. The blog has some interesting stuff there from crap to cool the story of hams BETA testing Anytone radios. Hm we have all done that with the RF Rain radio, Ekho and other funnies so take a look.

But what interested me was the fact someone contacted Nevada for the “best cash price delivered” for a Lincoln II. I though this practice of going in or calling and asking the “what is the cash price” had ended years ago. But seems not. I remember a Brit asking at Wimo at a ham show “what is the real price in euros” for a radio only to be told our best price is the only price.

Can you still make offers on gear? Have you done it and what stores will offer you a better deal for cash. Let me know. I know the eBay make an offer but mean genuine bricks and mortar stores.

From Qixiang making Alinco, Wouxun issues it is really an interesting read and shows many inside radio photos, info and news. Top Class


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  1. You will see from the bottom post that Nevada did do a deal on a couple of rigs and that was prior to their later special deal.


    My view is that, that is few and far between, something the smaller retailers will do to help a bit of cash flow or where they can sell the odd rig that doesn’t go through the books.

    I remember buying a stereo from a high st, retailer Dixons about 30 years ago. It was about £100 (don’t forget, that was a bit more 30 years ago) and I got to the till with my Access card and tried to get £5 off for cash. The guy behind the till was very pleasant, but basically said, their buying power was so good, that credit card charges were nothing and it cost money to bank cash, had to be securely taken to the bank and the credit card transactions were all computerised ready for their system. He said, if anything, we should be adding a surcharge for cash transactions.


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