Bond Telecom Sells AT-6666

A interesting read popped up this morning where it shows the maker of Luiton and the Team MX 10 now showing they sell the AT-6666 radio. What is interesting is the smudged Anytone box, no name on the radio so could be old prototype maybe and the unit prices of $180-$185 per piece, that’s 155 euro or £119 and add to this the cost of shipping, duties and taxes, warranty arrangements and profit and it is a BS price if you ask me. PLUS read that CTCSS is an option, not supplied as the V2.0 is now. So a real ad? or just trolling or trying to make a few $$ as the radio appears to be selling well?

Interesting indeed….

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2 thoughts on “Bond Telecom Sells AT-6666

  1. I call horsesht on this one. Radiozing UK have this for £166 delivered and normally if you ring them and buy direct (saving ebay cost) they would at least round it down to £160, take off £5 for included delivery and you have £155, then remove VAT equals £129 and that is just for one single unit.

    Factor in that there is dealer profit, warranty, import Duty and shipping cost from China and that cost price has to be nearer to £80. Some times you get good prices from China, all the Baofeng stuff and accessories to go with them (original batteries etc.) have been well priced even with delivery to the UK. But that’s AliExpress retail, look at rigs on AliBaba wholesale and their prices are a complete joke.

    If the prices were more sensible, some of us would club together and stick in an order for 10 or maybe more if it was a really good price. We’ve done that with stuff from Europe before and it really cuts down the shipping cost when you put a bulk order in.


    • Real FOB would be nearer $100 for sure. I think its trying jump on band wagon. Good to know about Radiozing. Another who can manage a discount on radios as Nevada you mentioned before. 10/10 good stuff


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