CRT One & AE6110 & CRT Mike All Naked

With sincere thanks to Markus from Neuner Fnk who kindly send me the photos of the radios inside so we can have a look at what has changed, what revision and what else is on the cards from the two radios that share the same board (AE6110 / Team MiniCom / CRT One) and of course the CRT Mike


The photo above shows the CRT Mike from the inside


Above is the soon to be released Albrecht AE6110 which has the board dated 20141118


Above is the Team MiniCom with the board dated 20140915

AND there are some component differences also as have tried all export and power mods and these do not work on the Team at all (at the moment) and now I wait a CRT One to check out what is with this one. SO with all radios a little difference. The Team and the CRT have the “engineer mode” so that is another interesting thing in something so small and Plus the CRT One as well as high power mode has also the 5khz step so when in export mode you can use 5 and 0 ending frequencies. I have campaigned for this since 2006 so am delighted to see another radio with it happening

PHOTO: Mr Markus Neuner (C)

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