CRT One & Mike HD Photos

I have recently received some emails asking me to add some photos here so people can have a look at the radios. Sadly I do not have them at the moment (left DL via DHL yesterday) so in the meantime Markus has added them to his store, and he has a 1 zillion pixel camera so the photos are much better:


This radio unlike the Team it appears has export (H) power mode in export mode and also 5KHz step so you can drop from 26965 to 26960 in both AM/FM modes. The way to get it is tricky but it appears to be there. The board of the AE6110 soon to be released Albrecht is identical to the CRT One but the board of the Team MiniCom is different, early board dates, component differences. So, now I wait the AE6110 like the s-meter..


Export Mode YES this one has and the high power mode am not sure. I will check the board when it lands so at the moment I am not sure. Some say YES some say NO so we need to wait and see.

Photos: (c) Mr Markus Neuner (

I was asked why show the photos? Some asked as are not comfortable trying to find the photos of Markus website as it is in German

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