Export Modification’s For CRT’s

So many emails after the naked CRT’s and Albrecht the other day that have decided to release the export mode for the CRT One which includes the “mythical” (H) mode and the export mode for the Mike. I don’t think people need the power modification for this one?


THE MODIFICATION is here first, so remember the copyright notice when you link it. Do not try these mods if you want to loose your warranty, H mode will shorten the life of your radio as runs the radio at 100% all the time and 10m mode for a 59.00e is an exceptionally good deal

CRT ONE Expand mode EN-FR



Modification is here first, copyright warnings are here remember it when you decide to take credit for finding it. Here are some of the modifications and use them wisely as the warranty ends the minute you touch it. Responsibility for messing your radios are your own.


AE6110: The export mode and features with this will be along the lines of the CRT One, but will be added here when possible. Remember these mods can shorten the life of your radio and the final inside.

Team MiniCom: Different modifications to the CRT One, don’t try them as they do not work.

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