Albrecht AE6110 “Arrives” 28/02/2015

So seems the radio will land in stores on or around the 28th February. I have my two pieces ordered and look forward to see this small radio with an s-meter. Size is good, price is good 59.00e and that’s the key. If others like President, Lafayette, Maxon could make something similar it would also fly off the shelves it seems.



Many asked about the lights either side of the display (3 lines) Left is for RX and Right is for TX

So for 59.00 euros

All EU Norms

28000-29600 AM/FM

25610-30110 AM/FM

8w High Power FM and 5w swing 11w AM

ASQ, S-Meter

9166_bda_albrecht_ae6110  Multi Language Manual

Photos: Mr Markus Neuner (

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