T2LT A Couple Of Contacts

So as mentioned here before the T2LT Antenna (Tuned Transmission Line Trap Antenna) quite a mouthful. So today was able to test mine on the 6m fibreglass mast against a post in the garden. And have to say the antenna was perfect for 10m but needed some assistance via an ATU for it to work well on the CB channels


For the antenna above check the link below:


So the antenna with ATU made it possible on CB to use it and work two stations only before needed to pack up and move onwards.

Channel 33FM (27330) The CB Radio Parrot Repeater in Saratov Russia (1984km) and was able to work 16BD from Belgium via this channel:


A snippet of how well the relay was working is above. And the last contact was to Nova Scotia Canada at a distance of roughly 5808km so worked well. Not sure how or why it works? But it did. Needs another one as 11m and 10m not on same antenna. Was really quite a nice shock.

Seems still on ebay: Item number: 151551210830 a snip at £8.75

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