Competition Winner(s)

So the competition has ended. It was delayed due to the fact some told me entries were sent and they had not arrived in the box. BUT, some did arrive afterwards and some not. So in the end as there are 3 radios here I decided to give all away as prices for the people who won the contest. Drawn 1, 2 and 3


If anybody is interested the radio that was chosen the most for the prize was the CRE8900 which over 170 people were interested in. The second was the Lincoln II 86 and so in third place with CRT9900 with 81 so indeed shows where the interest was.


The winner is from: Poland


The winner is from: Spain


The winner is from: Italy

I will today email them the news, and if they allow me will publish there names and any photo when the radios land. Thank you to all who have taken part. There is 1 more competition on the horizon, this time for a different SSB radio.

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