What’s New In The Shack? And what interests me for the shack?

I get many emails asking to recommend antennas and radios. NAH that’s not me as what works for some maybe do not work for others. It is a mine field to answer so cannot and will not do it. But below can tell what has arrived or what is in use at the moment from the QTH and that in some ways shows what am running I guess?


I have two of these radios here from Markus. Both not modified, one will be and one left alone. Works well so maybe will not be modified only time will tell. 59.00 EURO is no brainer. High Power, Good Audio, 10m, Full export mode, good receive. Thought I would need to go into therapy but Albrecht nailed it thanks to Qixiang. Finally a AM/FM from them with no BETA testing.

Sadelta Echo Master Plus Classic. Found a nice one boxed, and there is not any chance they repeat for sale so get it while you can. But not here at the moment, still on the way

President Lincoln original series, 1999 Made in the Philippines with MRF477 or 497 on the back. Boxed as new with all papers etc. Modified to 6 pin from 5 pin. AGAIN will not ever be another so good I guess. Grab it while you can.


Above, would like to see in the shack. Nice colour, big signal meter and like the display. Make this in SSB and “OLD SCHOOL” Just seems a waste in AM only. Come on Uniden, smell the coffee and deliver something back from the day of Jackson 1 (Base it on the old chassis)

Antenna: Had to re-install the Antron 99 so best say nothing about that. Issue with other antenna so back to 99. It worked before although noisy so will work again am sure of it.

Amplifier: No changes at all, KL203 old series.

SSB Radio: Actually at the moment running a Grant II with stock mike. V1.0 with export mode switch. Works ok, s-meter and other matters well documented all over the web but nice non robotic receive sound and works well all modes. AM on Grandi Modulatori is killer sound. But gets a run for its money from the CRT One.. Too close to call.

CRT Mike: Also used a lot in legal format. Killer audio, excellent AM, good sound from the speaker and all the fun of £200 for the price of £80

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