Haosda HSD115C-1 (24.265-30.105 AM/FM/12watts)

Interesting radio on the banding side and will stick my neck out and say that other makers should start there radios this low. I think a radio that covers 25.6-30.1 in all modes should also be able to make 12m like the SR955HPC from Stryker, the Optima from Yeti and the Albrecht 5890EU and AE7500. I would like to see President do this with there SSB Radios, give us also 12m worth of fun too as well as 11m, 10m


This Midland esque radio from Haosda Technologies covers 24.265 – 30.105 with AM/FM and 12 watts power.

  • RF power: 12W (maximum)
  • Squelch control knob
  • Modulation: AM/FM
  • AM/FM mode selectable by switching
  • Channel selector by up/down key
  • Set band by set key
  • An digital LED display for band
  • Two digital LED display for channel numeral
  • Audio O/P power: minimum 2.0W at 8R
  • Channels: 14 band, 14 x 40= 560
  • Frequency: 24.265 to 30.555MHz
  • OEM and ODM: D, D3, D2, EC, EU, FR, I, I2, RU, PX, PL, E, SW, SP,UK and E bands
  • Operating voltage: 13.8V DC
  • Frequency stability: 2.5ppm
  • Intermediate frequency first IF= 10.7MHz, 2th IF= 455kHz
  • Dimensions: 123 x 38 x 130mm
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  1. a very good looking set and 24 to 30.105 MHz a great freq cover I had two magnum 257 the hp version rfx 75 and they both covered the same freqs and I had people saying they would not transmit that low but they did my young bro has one we dx over 70miles at about 20w on 24. 325 and had a great contact nice clear free chan and on am to it was a great night I had 5000 3/8 and he had 5000 turbo and the antenna was doing it great but a lot said it will never tx but it did all sets should be able to get that far down it would make a big diff when things get hectic we used am fm and ssb


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