Albrecht AE6110 How it sounds @3968km

This is a small look how the super small AE6110 is sounding via a link inside Russia. The distance as mentioned above is 1984km. After this video was recorded also heard Belgium and Estonia calling me via the link. Radio is an Albrecht AE6110, electret mike, President Himalaya on a 5ft water pipe located on a fence in the garden


Like this antenna above but I do not use the ground planes due to garden size etc. So the video is the audio that landed in Saratov @1984KM goes through there system and then back to me so almost 4000km the voice has travelled until you hear it in the radio..

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2 thoughts on “Albrecht AE6110 How it sounds @3968km

  1. Nice conditions for the Saratov link yesterday….Here in NL sometimes also clear but not long enough to make QSO(Tim in Germany heard my call, but I did not reach him back) Saratov was good in waves. Your Albrecht sounds very clear and strong. Nice little radio.


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