RM PCN 60 “Stinger” Grant II

Oh man this is a good one. It seems that there are some out there fitting these “Stinger” boards inside the actually I think under powered Grant II from President. This board is like the inside of a KL60 amplifier? So am told.

And what does this board do? I’m told you can fit a switch to allow it to work AM/FM and SSB and with 5w input FM it makes 25-35w and in some instances makes 50w SSB. I’ve not seen them personally and if it fits easily as I’m told then why not. But… I’m not convinced it will help. Easier is an external amplifier if you ask me.

The quote I like the best is this

“This amp will make your radio talk the way you have dreamed it would be able to”

Got to ask has anybody tried it? I’m told from USA and Poland people are fitting them into Grants to make “them work like an export radio should”

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One thought on “RM PCN 60 “Stinger” Grant II

  1. make it sound like a export radio as you say simon but the grant 2 is not a export and never will be a great new fm ssb am mids set and a very poor export and I still think a external kicker will still be better then all that heat but if it works and improves the set good one its all this switching I can not be bothered with I was asked how long does it take to get uk 40 on my cre8900 I said about 3.5secs and was told it takes longer no turn one knob to a and the other to fm yes about 3,5sec and was told takes to long get a grant 2 I said you can shove it were the sun does not shines and was told his audio was better then my cre 8900 mine was very strong clean and booming I put a power mic on and turned mic gain from 45 10 34 and the kpo power mic and boom out even better I only replaced the mic as it was giving probs but when it worked was very good replacement mic seen them and thought no get some thing better yes kpo power mic. but if this works great but all the heat!


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