5 Stars For AE6110

So having checked around some forums where people have bought the AE6110 it appears that most of them class the super small radio as a five star device. And when you think against radios worth more money (in my tests) the Albrecht has knocked them out. Better audio, less noise, sharper, clear audio, nicer price.images

We are all adult’s here so readers send in the videos of your 6110 against another radio and let us see what the outcome is. So is this the start of the change of the guard in radio land. What was once owned by just a few brands is now wide open. Compare the Roadcom FS with the AE6110 and that Roadcom was junk.


So seems a change of guard is on the way. Old times you saved for a radio and kept on using it, even if it was not “all that” but now they are sold, and the radios that are cheap (and there are a few) these will be kept long time it seems.

Are there any of the current radios going to be used and wanted as much as some of the old Uniden “Philippines” stuff? I don’t think so..


Above, what some of the German’s say about the AE6110

What other radios will be around in 10 years and liked as much as the old ones. Any ideas?

AE7500 Albrecht I think the answer is NO

Grant II President I think also NO

Cobra 148 GTL DX I think will sure still be around

AT5555 / 6666 Hard to say as flimsily made but I think YES

President Lincoln 1 & Jackson 1 Still sought after now so YES still will be around

And what radios (CB or Export) what do you think will still be around?? Write below in the places provided.

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    • Yes indeed it works better here for me than some of the “favourite” other radios which are now off the table, replaced by AE6110. I also think JFK1 as MEGA popular in Grandi Modulatori. Old radios will last and last, new ones will fall away early it seems?


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