Introducing Midland M Zero

After what seems an incredibly long time Midland have launched a new CB on the market. This time it is called the M-Zero and is a multi AM ONLY CB Radio. Small size 110 x 45 x 140 mm and is on sale very soon now that is if it is not in some market areas like Poland where AM is king already. Priced around 60 euro as a guide price.


It sure does not win any price for nice looking but Midland like Uniden has a history on AM so let us hope that it will be something special for those needing an AM only radio. No signal meter, shame but guess cost related and size. Look for tests when they become more available. Sincere thanks to Helmut at Combai for all the information concerning this radio.

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  1. Okay, “but Midland like Uniden has a history” Is that Midland that hasn’t existed for years. Owned by Alan (Italian I believe). Probably this rig is made in China, probably by Goodwiil Telecom based on previous Alan commissions.

    If Alan bought McDonalds or Icom and started stamping their name on rigs made in China, would we love them and rush out and buy them?

    For the money, get a 6110, it’s cheaper and offers more and doesn’t pretend to be anything.


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