GME GX-400 27MHz CB & 27MHz Marine

Interesting idea from Australia and that is a 27MHz CB Radio with 27MHz Marine channels and these bands are user selectable from a menu. Guess in some ways making it a dual band CB Radio? They appear to come in a number of colours and are around £85 excluding duty and import taxes, shipping etc.


The GX400 is a versatile marine radio featuring both 27 MHz Marine band and 27 MHz Citizen band transceivers in one unit. Built to withstand the harsh marine environment the GX400 can be used at sea or on land.

Features marine and CB frequencies (user selectable) with waterproof speaker microphone and large backlit LCD screen with dimming function. Simple to operate channel scanning with memory plus dual watch and triple watch functions with channel 88 safety channel for marine application. Includes two priority channels and is waterproof rated to IPX7.

And the frequencies are:

27.680, 27.720, 27.820, 27.860, 27.880, 27.900, 27.910, 27.940, 27.960, 27.980

The link is below: 27MHz Marine Frequencies

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