President Henry Classic ASC “Konektor Tuned”

Konektor5000 in Lodz Poland seems to be a real busy business, sales, repairs and modifications. Looking today I have found a President Henry Classic with some awesome mods. The radio as standard is pretty good but seems what they have done has taken it to the very next level.


There is always debate about tuning, why you need to spend more money and was it released as rubbish. ANSWER is no, some of these tuning matters cannot be done by a importer or reseller as maybe breaks CE approval if up the power, or component change could break ROHS.

The list below I like it. 10/10 and sure makes a pretty good radio better

Fine-tuning of the track receiving / Transmitting

  • Improved automatic squelch ASC – lets more signals
  • Improve the receiving line – pleasant timbre, limited treble and adds more bass.
  • Change the tone of the receiver – receiving more bass or soprano – Selectable CH19 (used switch)
  • Increase the depth of modulation – louder broadcasting – on request (free of charge)
  • Adding a soprano in the transmission path – loud, more acute modulation
  • improve reception – II IF filter replaced Japanese Murata filter 455 HT / IT

Now I hope someone somewhere has a video of this on you tube. That is something that I really would like to listen too. All these mods look fine to me, and could make a difference.

Anybody with a video am waiting to see it..

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    • Works like a Harry II, I read that this radio added with a mike they modify sounds really well indeed Stephen. Now sadly the wait to see if any of our Polish readers have made a video to let us see how it sounds


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