Apollo 1 & CRT Mike & Stryker SR89 Remote PTT

Many people have rushed and bought one of the variants of these radios and on the side is the ability to make a remote PTT but seems many have not tried it yet? Below is one option available that can make the it easier to transmit

What is also interesting that in Germany as Pits Funkladen he makes a cable that allows the socket to connect to a 6 pin mike socket and thus allowing Echo and other mikes to be connected to the side of the headset so something different as an option. The cost is something like €30 for the cable from Germany so not cheap at all but opens up more mikes to be used.

Plus remember the side connections on the handset are wired Kenwood too

3 thoughts on “Apollo 1 & CRT Mike & Stryker SR89 Remote PTT

  1. I have been waiting for a unit like the CRT MIke for some time to fit into my Ford Focus with the President Virginia antenna.
    The connectivity that comes with it makes it ideal to add Throat and headset mikes to facilitate use when mobile used from either the driver, passenger or rear cabin aswell as operating portable from a backpack when walking/rambling.


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