Madras Curry, Grant II & Uncle Bens Rice

Guys and Girls, request time. Gary & Jason of the Charlie Tango Xtreme team spent a long, wet and windy Bank Holiday night on the Mendip Hills to run an SSB net. They will be active the next bank holiday also which I think will be 24-25 May (TBC). You use SSB? Sporadic E or ground wave then for sure go and give them a call.


All events are advertised well in advance via twitter, the CT Forum so take a listen for Gary 26CTX104 and Jason 26CTX965 and make there time on the hills something special. For those who say the UK is dead for CB then note there are people going that extra mile to make things happen, give them a call.

Keep it up Gary and Jason, you should be so very proud indeed.

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2 thoughts on “Madras Curry, Grant II & Uncle Bens Rice

  1. I really admire, not only Jason’s and Gary’s, but in fact all CTX members perseverance on running their nets at least once a week. I follow their youtube channels closely. They do not only CB27 but PMR446 also.
    You really have to love what you do when you go up and down a mountain, with several kilos of radio equipement, batteries, water, food, tent, cloths, pole cables and antennas. You really have to love radio communication to stand out on a cold night (or day) in the rain or snow and do what they do.

    Thumbs up to all CTX team members.


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