Anytone AT-398 UV Dual-Band

It had to happen, a strong and robust 6w VHF and 5w UHF hand held for a good price. 136-174 and 400-520MHz with a fixed antenna that seems really to work well. Buttons are robust and not loose or flimsy.Manual is thick, easy to read and understand but I think programming via the software is best action and of course easier.


Working mode: UU, UV,V V, U,V
200 Channels+2 groups VFO
Output Power: 5W/0.5W
51 groups+1 group user defined CTCSS+1024 group DCS encode and decode.
DTMF encode and decode
2 Tone/5Tone encode and decode
Multi scan: VFO scan +channel Scan+ Priority scan
+CTCSS scan+DCS scan
VOX function(10 levels) multi-scrambler
Wide/narrow band
Squelch Tail Elimination

PC Software and Programming will be shown here in due course.

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    • This is finally a D when tick options in software. So they are still old radios? I didnt know as not seen them in EU just USA and heard about CRT4CF


  1. Fixed antenna! Humm…I don’t see this as an advantage. You cannot test/use different antennas if you want to. Besides, transportation can be an issue. That’s my view!


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