Team MX-10 In The Nude

Photos below are (C) and Mr Markus Neuner but shows you the inside of the MX10 which landed with him today. Looks to be reasonably made actually.  Am bit suprised. So below are the pictures


(C) Markus Neuner

Great Photos of the new radio from Team.

Markus wrote about it so far:

Definitely sounds very good, indeed. Only the FM deviation is a little high at the factory .. does not bother me, but …: D

5 thoughts on “Team MX-10 In The Nude

  1. no wire just white out line for were the component sits but it start freq at 25.610 to 30.105mhz fm and am and transmits on all freqs in between and output hi is 12w and low is 4w but I will try and get a new mic as its not to great had a look in mine but no white wire but at 12w hi I can not complain


    • Yes I saw that but think it just the outline of where a component sits. I’m not on PC just phone so not sure. Your radio has a wire there? So yes could be a wire indeed..


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