Team MX-10 €89.95 *Updated Photo*

So finally the Nanfone produced version of the Delta 318 is out for sale on the market place as a Team. This one comes with 12/24v, ASQ and a host of the usual features. Plus NO AM mode in the UK EU setting just 4w FM. So, old style

Team don’t like me as I called some of the other radios they made junk, and indeed some of them were. The only way is Qixiang for them, with the mini CB they broke the system of selling crap (non quality radios and or not as good as people expected). Will I test one? Hard to say as no loan radios here and with shipping over €100 for a Nanfone radio, hm tricky but if do get one you will see it here and on YouTube. Interesting they call it the “new generation of CB radio”. Hard to be so with the other four or five radios the same? Luiton, Canva, PNI Escort, Delta.. New? No it’s sure isn’t.

UK Mode 2760125-2799125 &
26965-27405 FM only no AM

But does this one have high power and export mode? Watch this space..


Available now: 


    • Actually “later versions” of AE6110 will have AM in UK mode but not yet. Its on the blog somewhere. I spoke to Qixiang and simple answer is nobody asked for it. So they add it later as i requested it. Team Minicom (German firm) CRT One and Mike (French firm) Albrecht (German / Italian firm) none asked for it so just does FM. Change band to EU gets you AM


  1. What’s with the new thing about AM on the UK40? I would understand making it possible to do through software/expanded mode, but if everyone starts selling rigs that can do AM on the UK40 out of the box, then effectively there will be no more fully UK-legal rigs available at all. It’s nice to have a choice whether to be legal or not.


  2. I have luiton version its ok nothing special but the mic is crap but find hard to get program data any were as it can be opened up but by program only same connect on back as cre but no program news any were must try and get a better mic some were


    • First talk it had PC Programmable and now nothing. It is Nanfone made so will be same as all the other ones. Software I’ve tried but not any single help from anywhere at all.


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