German Mountain DX 06.06.2015

Should be some sporadic e around so why not take a listen for the DX men of Germany and a few others from outside of Germany during the mountains event. I guess those who would want will need change there multi norms to DE or on an old radio then you need the mids and lows (26565-27405) so give them a call.


There is even talk of someone taking to the Zugspitze for the event. That’s where real men go, and indeed am old enough to remember Berggeist Armin and his legendary contacts (and signal) plus Red Baron when he was /P in Austria and was S9+ from over 150km away. Uli Feuervogel also from Austria. These 3 are amongst those who can pack a signal let me tell you.

Take a look at the XXXXXXXXXL Alan 560 Dominator Power

So take a listen if you have time, nothing to loose

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