Molnar Sziget Sunday

After all the great conditions the bag was packed and was time to head into the south of Budapest and go for a call or two from Molnar Sziget (Millers Island) named from the past when this was famous for its watermills as it is situated on the banks of the Danube with a small ferry to Csepel Sziget which is across the Danube.


Normally I would be running a V3 Lincoln but today in action was the CRT 6900n. The reason, I just don’t know but the Lincoln is not doing as well these days, maybe like me gets old but it has issues and with the Grant II being low powered needs a linear so with the 35w from the CRT, standard mike and antenna was a President Colorado 1800 Power it was on air.

Conditions were non existent mostly but did manage to speak with Goran 21FB005 who informed me he had given up with his Grant II due to the noise level, peaks and sporadic s meter and other ailments and had bought himself an Anytone AT-5555n, added an adapter for an Astatic D104M6 and with this a KL203 with unknown antenna. Sounded excellent, and with the ceramic element in the D104 was superb sound. Mike Adapter? Great idea and have not seen any at all. I know they are made so next need find an eBay seller who has them in stock.

I said on air and I’ll repeat it here, sounded excellent indeed the 5555n. 

This was the sole contact so nothing spectacular but was excellent to speak with Goran. And if you read this and want the business card and QSL from the blog then drop me a message via the contact page.

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