Luiton 318 Sold In India €129

The CB market was once simply President as they were the first to have there hands and feet on the ground. Now it seems that according to users Luiton are becoming big on the scene due to there ease of use. So now as the market changes there too the array of radios are on the increase within Mumbai 

I like the fact that they class the Nanfone produced 318 as the “Professional line” and even more fun for me is that they have classed a President Teddy ASC as a “beginner radio” which I think seems a little strange. Sure the Luiton has more features that can class it as professional but on the inside it is not that am sure of it.

Interesting to see that the 318 costs €129 at today’s exchange rate. When I think €90 is too high. But we know the taxes and duties are high in India of course. And the Teddy ASC I’ve not found it yet. But as a beginner it. Use be cheaper than the Luiton? 

Makes you think what some must pay to join this wonderful hobby of ours?

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