Coming June What’s Hot What’s Not

It will soon be six months into the year and the time to write about what’s hot and what’s not. Has any radio made an impact for the good or for the bad. Is there a Luiton where a Team is sat or indeed a President that’s not exactly running the show. June comes my views of the good, the bad, the useless, the ugly

It has been quite an interesting six months so far and sure the radio people all agree am sure. And the blog is open for you. Get it off your chest, hate something then name it and why.  There is so much talk on air about radios these days and so unlock your thoughts and put it to paper.

I will start the ball rolling with the Team MX-10 by saying it works ok but you know what it isn’t worth the price. It has processor lag, over deviation on FM mode. The Mike came from a pound shop (UK all good inside a £) I like the export mode it is 400 channels, I like the export power mode of 12w. But otherwise a cheaper Albrecht 6110 works so much better.

Only thing don’t comment on something you never owned or used as cannot really have an opinion.

A new radio beginning for the blog. Will be more critical, tell even more facts about why junk should be not bought. Social Media will need make manufacturers and resellers change or the customers will change and take there money elsewhere. In 1 minute online or social media the world knows if something is worth it or not.

And this wizard in the next months has an awful lot on his mind that needs to be told..

New opportunities are coming. New dreams to chase. New goals ahead.

Now over to you…

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