Croatia Electronics School & CB Event

i received this via Catalonia but I believe the event is taking part in Croatia. It’s the fifth event of its time and is part of an event that mixes education with sport and CB radio. I admit my Croatian is bad, however some of the words are close in language to Czech so can understand it a little. Want to sponsor them a radio? Get in touch

Check out the website of for more information.

Events include: Camp fire, education, sport, CB radio, electro technical and map reading

This event appears to be taking place in July. Congratulations to them and it is good, and would be good if some maker was to offer a couple of budget radios for this event (my opinion) So any dealer have something at all to offer?

Thanks to Vincente from Catalonia for the information.

The last time I heard about something like this was in Spain and some President Teddy and antennas were sponsored.

Great idea!! 

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