President Lincoln II V3 £179.95 Limited Time

While the boss is away the workers will play for sure. This weekend comes an excellent offer on a Lincoln II if you need one. Many moaned about the price in the past myself included so now you have it cheaper and more akin to other models. Best get one while Mike D is away I think is the answer here 😀


We all know the pro and con of the radio so need to rehash here to get people all hot and bothered. Mine work well in the car and videos show this so no need to talk more about it. This looks a good deal to me.

The link is below:

Take a look while the stocks last, guess will not be so many at this price either.

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    • Yes indeed Mr N. For people on the mainland here it is not such an offer. £180 is like €250 which is close to your price and some others. This is a 48 hour only price too, not going onwards long time. But personally I think for the UK it is more realistic price due to the aggressive pricing of the Anytone range of radios which this shares some DNA. However my thoughts are just those, mine..


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