Anytone AT-5555N RJ45 Solution

For many the biggest issue with the new 5555n was mike connection and the ability just to use the supplied elecret which although works well (and it does work well) does not allow connection of an Astatic, Sadelta, Densei or otherwise. Now the solution landed at WizardRadio and comes from Konnektor5000 Lodz Poland


Mentioned here before and now arrived it is great timing with sporadic-e to now test the Densei mikes more also and hope someone will video it and we can showcase it here. This cross over cable allows RJ45 from the radio to 6 pin Albrecht / President wired mikes to be used.

Many MANY emails about who and does anyone make the cable, so yes is the answer and the link to the cable is down below:  (AT5555N to 4 Pin socket) (AT5555N to 6 Pin socket)


I am told the 5555n is selling more pieces in Poland than Lincoln II from President even with the RJ45 connector and that the N is a better all round radio, although with less power and options. I have not used the radio enough at the moment for an educated comment but it does seem that Anytone branded radios have the better systems installed, whether cost related, want own brand to succeed or otherwise. Just based on small selection of people who were asked what’s sell best. Poorer areas one sort, richer areas others sell. It’s economics and facts of life sadly in 2015.

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