Uniden 980 SSB Cracked

Guess will get into trouble (once more) for showing a Uniden non CE approved radio. But the video came from the USA and thanks to Marti and Guy who sent me the link to show the “hacking” I guess of the radio for more than 40 channels. A good radio for SSB if you live in the USA so we thought to show the video as it is interesting.

So I’ll say my bit and then be quiet. I’ve used one of these and it is good, real good. But not legal inside the EU and whether you buy it from eBay, Amazon and others you will pay duty and just because it makes AM/SSB at legal power in Europe the radio is NOT legal so remember this.


Lesters Custom Truck Shop has been at the forefront of radio modifications now for a long time and great to hear and see how and what he manages to do with this radio. As you hear I think it is on this video that he has broken a few radios in the attempt so that also should tell us something.


Connor emailed me and told me the article was out of date as there was a new video. I got the email this morning and added it ASAP, so here below is the additional video that was made

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