Dynascan 950P

So seems the WOUXUN produced KG-UV950P in its lifecycle needs to be sold OEM under another name, just like the AT-5555n and a couple of others radios to mention with this brand. So now for a little under €300 this radio will be released. Seems to be almost the same specification as its WOUXUN cousin. More after the break here.

So what do we know about this version of the radio?

 TX: 28-29.700 MHz. / 50-51.995 MHz. / 144-146 MHz. / 430-440 MHz.

RX: 26-29.995 MHz. / 50-53.995 MHz. / 65-108 MHz. / 108-180.995 MHz. / 320-349.995 MHz. / 400-480.995 MHz. / 700-987.995 MHz.

And for €22 you can purchase the programming cable so sure it means can be unlocked for all the usual areas and indeed it has the 6.25khz step for the “PMR Men out there”

Should be in the dealers very quickly now.

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