Sid “Mike5” Sunday DX 14/6/2015

CB has always had pioneers. Whether it be Mr President who introduced radios into Europe in the late 70’s to Mike the Pipelayer with his networks, Barry Sledgehammer, Mike Bombardier to name a few. Then there is Sid & Marj. A trend setter on 934MHz back in the day and still active on the air, and below is an excellent video to see.


Above is Sid operating his two Cybernet Delta 1 934MHz radios in the 1980’s

CONGRATULATIONS to both Sid and Marj. A great couple and wish them many more years on the air, keeping the channels busy and for making the contacts and effort to keep the fine tradition alive and well in the UK.

Always take a listen during the weekends, Sid will be listening.  Myself have spoken to Sid from Poland, Czech and Slovakia, Germany and briefly from Hungary on the 2760125-2799125 area of the band so tune those radios and take a listen.

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