President Grant II & Static. Does this help?

As we reported yesterday about the noise debate on the Grant II and antennas, static and metal versus fibreglass. Below is a plan of how to check if there is a solution to the noises that can be found on the radio, supplied as is.

So the idea received here is the following. Place a temporary bridge around the diodes which are on the SWR bridge and see how this changes the build up of static on the receiver. Diagrams are below:


Above Grant 1 Picture


Above Grant II
Obviously not for the faint hearted, I don’t know if this helps as cannot check on my radio as not home and no radios around me at all. So that’s a clue maybe. More than this I cannot tell you.

Remember you can bust your radio, loose what is left of the guarantee, it maybe works it maybe does not. 

So if you try it let me know, as can pass it onwards to the gentleman who sent the information, unless he reads here more.

In the past I’ve been the biggest critic about something’s sold, and still am as feel let down and disappointed when something is worse than expected where as a predecessor was something better. But I raise my hand here now and say that the engineers in President are constantly looking, assessing, thinking, changing things when they find it. Its maybe never released as version 2,3,4 or 6 but during the radios life and product cycle they do change things. We know this as Mrs Pollart who dealt with the Lincoln II people told many of us this.

Jackson II had changes

Lincoln II changed paint

So we never will know what is around the corner, maybe there is something and maybe there is nothing. But the owners of President we know do listen and do take notice. Even when we think that people’s voices are ignored.

Thanks to Mr.H for the photos and the information. All are his ideas, nothing from my side except the writing here.

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