A Future President? I think YES They Can. Part 2 of 3

So sat a few hours into the day yesterday while listening on the triple and came up with a small idea so we will call this Part 2 as nothing is nothing. Meaning this is not in production the EU version it is only the glint in the eye of the Wizard and nothing more, nothing less so don’t email me where it can be bought. Has happened before.


Uniden UM380

Conversion of course all new insides to reflect multi-EU designs (Also made AM only for USA with wx channels)

Same buttons and on the Squelch add ASC as it is right to do it

16/9 Button becomes AM/FM and in UK Mode cycles both AM/FM in EU Mode

WX Becomes NB/ANL

Scan Becomes Beep on / Beep Off with second function as Roger Bleep On / Off

Menu stays the same, as display is big use this for menu functions for the following ideas: Mike Gain, RF Gain, RF Power (in export mode enabled) CTCSS / DCS, NB Level and ANL level as conditions change make this adjustable so more user friendly. And I have two more ideas but not for here. Cannot tell all things after all.

Channel Change leave the same, no changes, display colour 3 styles (white, green, blue) with background lights on the buttons.

Front mounted speaker the same as now, no change.

Signal meter I would use the area where currently there is the words 25 watts, digital style like Lincoln II but more linear in motion.

And most controversial area? I would add two hidden features for 10m use. But that is now not for here.

Harrison II: As we now in “fun mode” the Harrison could make 24mhz upwards. I would not repeat this idea as not really good harmonic wise, but would add something else to make or pay homage to the first version.

Now the serious stuff. Tooling expensive, Japanese designers expensive, production samples expensive so that is why all radios are not cheap. By my guess I would say 189 – 229 euro end user price.

This is for fun remember, won’t exist but we can all dream. Dreams can become reality of course but we need the drive and power to pursue them.

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