QYT 8900 Dual Band Radio (& Software Link)

Another radio that looks like the Waccom and some others ending 8900. And again people email and ask me for software. So below is a link to where an awful lot of software can be found. Just 10 minutes ago I was asked for the software for this, emailed the link and was replied with “you download it and send it to me”

So for this radio and who knows maybe this software works on the Waccom? I don’t have any ideas at all


Takes the same time to click links or look Google for software as to email me, actually am slower to respond

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7 thoughts on “QYT 8900 Dual Band Radio (& Software Link)

  1. They don’t as such have a low hum. The only time this becomes apparent, is when you are receiving a signal, not just RX, but you have transmission on the frequency and the radio has picked it up, if you have the volume turned down all the way, you will hear a hum. Why you would have it on and the volume off, is strange, squelch it out if needs be, as soon as the radio stops receiving the signal, it goes silent without hum.


    • Sorry couldn’t help it! About the radio, software and features wise, it looks like a Wouxun/Baofeng handheld turned into a mobile station. Which is good…we can turn it into a PMR446 car radio!!!!

      But I prefer single band radios (I guess you don’t need to buy one for me any more), don’t know why but maybe because they a simpler to operate.There is less to mess with. Don’t get me wrong…I see advantages on dual ou even quad band radios. But I usually use one band at a time… I mean, if I have the time to go and do some “radioing” either I take a CB, a PMR446 or other but usually never both.

      My choice would by the TYT TH-9000D / Alinco DR-438 but I understand they are different radios.



    • Hi Rui. I would likecto order one. Cost is good, shipping free but import duties here are not great. So in end best wait till someone in EU gets it CE approved and maybe ROHS approved?


  2. seen these before Simon some of them have issues when you put the mic in there is a low hum but it still looks good but it can not be as bad as a lessen 2m 70cm and pmr I have one and it works ok


    • Thanks for letting me know, didn’t know they had issues. I knew they are not CE approved the rest didn’t know. Maybe worth a look into I think via eBay or Amazon


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