800,000 Individual Hits I Thank You

A new goal passed on the blog and indeed a lot quicker than was ever imagined. In its lifetime it has received many great comments, readers and those who contacted. There are the haters who “never read it” but there IP addresses show they look at it. On going we hope to have more news, more dreams to chase, more content to come.

Thanks to the many friends of the blog in over 200 countries who look on a daily and or weekly timeline. Thanks to the radio world who have sent information, manuals, links, ideas and modifications. Your contributions often in complete silence and wanting no thanks is selfless. This blog has the best readership and with some of the worlds best companies looking at it which helps it to provide up to date information about what is on the way, and what comes soon.

All we have to offer is 8 letters, T H A N K Y O U

Thank You for the comments, the prizes, the ideas, the news, the stories, the information, the modifications, the encouragement, the thought to write, the help and more.

And we’ll see you at the million..

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