PNI Extra 45 Mobile Antenna

Romania where the CB market seem to be really quite busy at the moment and indeed PNI seem to be one of those leading the way, they brought out there Optima II not so long back as well as Delta and LT318 and this time they have on the market the PNI Extra 45 magnetic antenna.


Personally I do not know much about it, I was forwarded the news from a CB user in Transylvania and he uses it on the car. So cannot comment on how it works. I see it now on some websites which sell in Hungary so have asked PNI via email about the antenna and wait any reply but now is holiday time so guess the reply maybe comes after the antenna is found.

At the moment I have found both antennas online.

And if can order online I will test them side by side, video the results on my blog and youtube.

President Virginia 38.50 euro at current exchange rate

PNI Extra 45 33.75 euro at the exchange rate of today


Above the Barcelona made Preisdent Virginia

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