Top 5 Most Read / Bottom 5 / Most Searched Radios

So we are over halfway into the year now and time to look back at what has been hot during the last six months and who has had the highs and who has had the lows. So this time we will make a change to last year and feature here the Top5 of the year so far and also feature the bottom 5 of the year too. So here we go


The Bottom 5 of the Year:

Christmas Post

Rumour Mill, Silly Season of 2013

Sadelta What’s in the name

Silly Season Returns

Inside Story Johnny II & Henry ASC Classic

And the TOP 5 of the Year:

1) Modifications

2) CRT One & AE-6110 and CRT Mike All Naked

3) Wouxun KG-UV8D Frequency Expansion

4) Export Modifications for CRT’s

5) Albrecht AE-6110 Export Mode and FM Receive

So sure a change of the guard here as 3 from the Top5 are Qixiang related, and indeed the Modifications also feature them so guess 4 from 5 is the same people. Quiet year from President so nothing much happening, CRT has raised the game and have also many hits on articles featuring them. So will be interesting to see what the end of year has to offer in the Top5 and Bottom5 list of lists.

Most Searched Radios on the Blog during first 6 months of the year

1) President Grant II Low Power Export Mode

2) Albrecht AE-6110

3) CRT Mike

4) M-Tech Legend 1, Legend 2, Legend 3

5) CRT SS-9900

Stats based on 340,500 views

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