Up Soon! Danita Export & New York Old Virginia

Later this week or early into next week we will have posted the results of the Danita export mode and hi power if has it or not? And also we will take a look at the President New York. Both arrive tomorrow or Friday via DHL from Markus.

Don’t expect anything different from the New York, it looks the same as a Virginia with an adjustment for how straight or at an angle the antenna is.  But my Virginia works ultra well on CEPT so you “must try it out” see how it compares.

“Better would be release a decent SSB radio, longer they sit thinking and bringing nothing new the more the competition will come along and kick there ass! ” Quote from a dealer who told me this.

Danita I’m pretty sure it is the same as the Maas Colonia, K-PO500 and the Team TS-9m but I’ll have a look and post the details, so both of these will be in the modifications or the reviews area, depending on which you need.

09:47 and 11:43 both items showed online at the border so have arrived at the airport so maybe tomorrow or Friday they land here.

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