Yaesu Updates the FT-991

News arrived today that a few days ago Yaesu released new firmware, touch screen software and Wires for the FT-991 so those of you with the new radio should head across to the link below and update your radio to make the most of the new features and let us hope that some of the bugs have been killed off for you now too.


For sure when I had mine it was on the early firmware and was rubbish to use to be fair, so step by step it appears now that Yaesu is on the case. If this was an Anytone or a President the people would moan about it like mad, but seems as Yaesu there was not so many comments.

Link: http://tinyurl.com/kc5ou47

Good luck with the updates and I am told the software also works with Windows 10 for those of you running this system

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  1. I too have dealt with Wimo. I have an email sitting in my in box, that I have not read yet. It is from their CEO, trying to explain and placate me (I get to see the first line in my inbox, without actually reading the email), from my anger, which is why I have left it 24 hours, to read/respond. He seems to think it is acceptable to expect me to wait 6 months for a warranty replacement. He seems to forget that on the 1st of July, he told me that I would have a replacement in a month, that is now three months, my emails were ignored and I had to telephone the company, do you think that is a way to look after customers?

    I will not buy from Wimo again, the customer service level is poor, it is starting to take up too much of my time.I may be wrong, but I feel Yaesu would have handled it differently, and that is why I do not complain about them, because they have the right attitude to customer support. I feel confident spending my money with them, through their dealer network.


    • WIMO helped me with the FT-991 and also in the past with a antenna and also was ok. Not sure what has happened with you and them, or which radio. I found them sometimes slow to send things but otherwise have been fine. Yes they at abrupt at ham shows when asked for there “very best price” but other than that I’ve not had issue. Isn’t there a time frame for warranty stuff? I really don’t know.


  2. “If this was an Anytone or a President the people would moan about it like mad, but seems as Yaesu there was not so many comments”

    Well, I have owned radios made by all three, so I speak from experience, and I am currently thinking of buying an FT-991, I use an FT-450D. President made a complete muck up of their flagship radio relaunch, and yes, they may have sorted it, but how much and down time without a radio did it cost the buyers?

    I have contacted Yaesu UK three times this year and the service has been faultless. One, to find out when my cash back would be arriving. I was asked my name and postcode by the lady that answered the phone and told two weeks, sure enough, two weeks later the money was in my bank. I then contacted them regarding a second-hand radio, that I had been sold, described as almost new, they informed that it had been sold four year’s ago.

    I needed to replace the optical encoder/VFO on the radio, their tech dept. gave the part number over the phone, I then rang back and spoke to the lady that answers the phone, gave her the part number, card details and the postman delivered it the next day.

    You see, when own your own company, or a relatively senior management in a large corporation, you have to understand the needs of the customer. When you talk about a product life cycle or in this case, the company, they have three stages, the launch, maintaining, and managing the decline. Anytone are in the launch stage, but you cannot compete on price for ever, because someone will offer to do the job for less, at some stage. President are managing the decline and not doing a particularly good job at it. They think it is fine to trade on their reputation. This is why Yaesu continue to command respect in the market and why I, and many more, will continue to spend my money with them.


    • We have WIMO in Germany who deal with all things Yaesu and indeed they are top class, when I had some issues when had the 991 they were so fast to quick it you cannot or could not say anything at all bad.

      When I needed my Lincoln II updated it was not so long a process and think was same for others? But I’ve no idea unless they write here. Mine left Monday and was back Friday. So not so badly, but better would have been not left at all…


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